Saw Case

This Section Last Updated: 1-26-2007

When I purchased Lie-Nielson's straight-handled crosscut and rip saws, I quickly discovered my favorite handsaws. I'm also a fan of the Lie Nielson Independence Dovetail Saw, but when I first cut dovetails with the straight handled saw, I realized that I was cutting the most accurate dovetails that I've ever cut. I think that my hand was made for the straight handle.

I saw a chisel case within an issue of ShopNotes. This chisel case allowed the case to be mounted on a wall or set on a bench. In either position, the chisels could be accessed by the ingenious design involving two doors.

I took that idea, and adapted is to my saw case. I also included a small compartment for holding marking and layout tools.

Black Acacia and Figured Eucalyptus Veneer.