Multi-Function Table - Construction Details

This Section Last Updated: 1-26-2007

Overall dimensions - roughly 77" long, 41" wide, 35" tall.

This photo shows how the extrusions are mounted. A slot was routed into the torsion box to accept the lip on the extrusion. A piece of mdf was then attached to act as a spacer. From here, bolts attach the extrusion to the torsion box.

A picture that faintly shows one of the bolts attaching the extrusion to the box.

These are the holes that allow hand access from underneath. I created them with a router on a circle jig. Each hole allows access to four of the 20 mm holes on the tabletop.

This photo is the best way that I can describe how the table is mobile. I can't get a picture of the casters, since they are hidden, and the table is way to heavy (I estimate 600 lbs) to lift. The table rides on six heavy duty casters. The table was designed so that the casters will bring the base off the ground by 3/8". I then drive shims into the base to just barely lift the table off the casters at four points when I want the table to be stationary. I then use a crow-bar to lift the table off the shims to remove them when I want the table to to be mobile.

If you would like to read more about the versatility of this table, I'll link a great article. It was reading this article that made me decide that a table like this was necessary in my shop.

Go Here...
Click on the 'Downloads' tab, and click the article "Getting the Most From the MFT Multifunction Table"

Overall, this has been very worthwhile project. I haven't found anything that my traditional workbench can do that the MFT cannot. I haven't gotten rid of my traditional bench, but I'm not sure that it will get nearly as much use.
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